Duke of  Van Tassel
Manor Labradors
Gracie of Van Tassel Manor labradors
Van Tassel Manor
Labradors has on
2/10/14 ended the
Personal health issues
have caused this difficult decision. I am thankful
for 11 years of wonderful litters and meeting great
people. God Bless.
I did get 7 of 9 pups
pictures leaving to
new homes
Pictures of the last litter to leave from
Van Tassel Manor Labradors
Above and to right is Heidi a wonderful dog
who became sick very soon after
vaccinations age 42 months. Lymphoma
ended her life after a hard struggle. This is
in memory to her and that her story will
save others. Yearly booster vaccinations and
using chemical topicals have and will kill
more dogs . This was a painful thing to learn.
You owe it to your self & pet to research this.
Good by from us and Duke & Gracie.
May the pup you got from here be a
wonderful family member for years to